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Stephenson family

Arrived: 1836 (before)
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Hokianga,  Kaipara, Auckland
Source: Treaty of Waitangi Tribunal

Details: George Stephenson, a carpenter and Wesleyan lay preacher at the Mangungu mission station in the Hokianga, arrived on the Wairoa River in January 1836 as a timber trader and settler. By July, he had negotiated the occupation of a site at Te Wharau, on the Rahurahu block, where he built his house and trading station. In his statement of claim to the Land Claims Commission, Stephenson said that Rahurahu was gifted to him by the chiefs on account of him being the first Euopean resident and in recognition of his gifts and services for them. After being turned down by the Commission, in 1847, he and his family moved to Auckland where he worked as a carpenter and builder and where he often acted as a pilot for chartered vessels on the Kaipara Harbour during the early 1850’s.

Note in the Wesleyan books NZMS 779, special collections, Auckland library.
Albert, George and Ellen Stephenson Carpenter
Fanny, ditto
Ed.ward? Win ditto
Emily ditto

Thanks for the following from Leena Taylor.
information from Lorelei Hayes (2004) book Waiaua to Kauri Cliffs: The story of a Northland sheep station 1833-2003. His wife Eleanor, who arrived in NZ just a few month before the signing of the Treaty in 1940, was a Baker (nee Hancock) until she married him in 1842 in Mangungu. George came from Tasmania where he had been involved with the Wesleyan Missionary Society at Hobart. 

George was the son of George Stephenson (farmer from Yorkshire, ENG), and Fanny Grimson - he was born 1805 in Yorkshire. Eleanor was unusual as she came by herself, leaving the 3 children from her first marriage to John Baker (who had died). The children stayed with Quakers at the school at Sidcot. Eleanor was the daughter of Joseph Hancock and and Ellen Harvey born 18 April 1808 Bristol ENG. There is a sheet about her in the Ellen Melville Pioneer Woman's Register in the Auckland library research rooms. Eleanor and George had five children; Albert, Fanny, Cecilia, Emily and Edard.