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Arrived: 1838
Country of origin: Tonga
Area in New Zealand: Mangungu, Waitemata Harbour
Source; book; Rev. J H Bumby by Ivan Whyle
Sioeli was a young Tongan convert to Christianity, who accompanied Rev. and Mrs Hobbs to Mangungu, Hokianga, when they left Tonga in 1838. He travelled on the Methodist missionary ship Triton to Kawhia in 1840, apparently intending to return to Tonga, but instead accompanied Rev. J H Bumby overland to the Waitemata Harbour. On June 26,  1840 Rev. Bumby, Sioeli, and several Maori young men left Mission Bay to sail in a canoe through the Waitemata Harbour to the northern coast. Just north of Motutapu Island, a squall struck them, and the canoe was overturned. Rev Bumby, Sioeli and a Maori man drowned.
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