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Shaw family

Arrived: 1838
Country of origin: England
Area in New Zealand: Hokianga Harbour
Source: Website

Details: Elihu Shaw was born 1806 Sussex, He married Mary in 1831. England and came to New Zealand via Australia on the 'Coromandel' which left England in 1838. Also on board was the Rev. William White and Thomas Spence Forsaith whom Elihu eventually worked for as his storekeeper. His story is told here.
Obituary for Elihu Shaw, NZ Herald, 13 July 1895.

Ask Pheobe, New Zealand Herald 15th Oct 2009
Q: How did the three streets that run from Sandringham Rd towards Morningside get their names - Ethel, Leslie and Kenneth? Was there a family connection of some sort? Jim Culver, Mt Albert.
A: There certainly was. They were siblings, children of Elihu Shaw. Mr Shaw was a scion of the family who farmed in the area in the early days.