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Arrived: 1827
Country of Origin:
Area in New Zealand: Bay of Plenty
Source: Historic Poverty Bay and the East Coast of the N.I. by J.A. Mackay
Details: James Heberley discusses Robson in the MSS account of his life. ' We sailed from Sydney in 1826 and were 9 months out when we touched on Tanner's Island, Bay of Plenty. There was a man living among the natives, he was a prisoner of the Crown and had been sent to Moreton Bay on board the 'Mercury' brig.  There was a mutiny on board and they took the brig to the Bay of Islands. Several of the prisoners went on shore and Captain Duke of the 'Sea Eagle' re-captured the brig and took her to Sydney. This prisoner made his escape and went by the name of Robson, he got tattooed like the natives'.