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Richard Seymour

Arrived: 1836
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand:
Source: Paperspast

Details: Grey River Argus 20th July 1914
The virility of early settlers of New Zealand is strikingly exemplified in the person of Mr. Richard Seymour, an old resident of Inangahua, who, after completing his 90th year has undertaken a bush-felling contract a few miles out of Nelson, at which he is earning a pound each working day. The area of bush is 50 acres all timber up to a diameter of 3ft. to be felled and the undergrowth cleared. Mr. Seymour has already cleared 25 acres (says the Reefton Herald) and has written to his son at Black's Point to join him, as other contracts for bush falling are about coming out. Mr. Seymour visited New Zealand as a whaler as far back as 1836.