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Richard Brown

Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Bay of Islands
Source: Paperspast

Details: Inquest of Officers, relating to Richard Brown who arrived (1833 briefly, properly in 1841)  left no legal relatives and who owned land in Wellington. He was killed in 1860.
Edward William Stockman, intepretor, deposed that he first saw Mr. Richard Brown at the Bay of Islands at the latter end of the year 1833, and then was acquainted with him. He never knew him by any other name. Mr. Richard Brown was on board the ' Caroline' of Hobart Town, Captain Smith, a whaler. He was taking a voyage for the benefit of his health or for pleasure. He was then quite a young man, about twenty years of age, and he should think he was not married. Witness was in another vessel, and the two vessels cruised off Tongatobu for a couple of mouths. He saw a good deal of the deceased about that time. He next met him at Kawhia in 1846, when he was trading. In 1847 when witness came to New Plymouth, he found him there, and knew him till the time of his death. Did not believe he left any relatives, except his illegitimate children. By the jury : Did not know of his leaving a will. The only reason for his leaving no will was occasioned, he thought, through deceased being in great pain and wandering in his mind as death drew near. He had four illegitimate children.