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Rev. Nathaniel Turner family

Arrived: 1923
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Bay of Islands
Source: Memoirs of the Life and Gospel labours of the late Daniel Wheeler: Website:

Details: Rev. Nathaniel Turner of the Methodist Missionary Society first came to New Zealand in 1823, to help set up a mission station at Kaeo in Whangaroa Harbour. He was soon joined by his wife Ann Turner nee Sargent, and their baby daughter Ann, born in Hobart, Tasmania. They lived at Whangaroa and later at Mangungu in the Hokianga Harbour. 3 sons were born; Thomas- 1824, Nathaniel Bailey- 1825, who died as a child, and John Sargent- 1826. The family was then sent to Tonga as missionaries there. Martha-1828, Nathaniel- 1829, and George-1830 were born in Tonga. They then returned to Hobart, Tasmania, where Josiah George-1832, Charles Wesley- 1834 and Mary Emma Bloor- 1835 were born. After being sent back to New Zealand, Sarah Eliza Hopkins- 1836 and Hannah Jane- 1839 were born in the Hokianga. 2 more children (14 in all) were born back in Tasmania; Louisa Elizabeth in 1840, and Edwin in 1842.
On Fifth day last, we had a visit from Nathaniel Turner, the senior Wesleyan missionary at Hokianga, with whom I became acquainted at Hobart Town in 1834.