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Reed family (Raoul Island)

Arrived: 1830s
Country of origin: New Zealand 
Areas in New Zealand: Queen Charlotte Sound, Raoul Island, Auckland 
Source:  Menary family website
Captain James Reed, son of Count Maurice- Phillippe de Montboisier Beaufort, married Te Kahumahinga or Agnes, daughter of Te Pukere and Paretona originally of Urenui.  She was a connection of Te Rauparaha. He met her at Te Awaiti, the whaling station. They had 3 children born in Cloudy Bay, Queen Charlotte Sound- Thomas- 1832, Edmund- 1833, Charlotte- 1835. In 1836, The couple, their 3 children and a group of slaves which she had been given by Te Rauparaha, sailed to Raoul Island in the Kermadec group north of New Zealand. They were later joined there by Daniel and Noa Baker.
The Reeds had 4 children born on the island- Harriet Anne- 1837, Sarah Kaohi- 1839, John- 1840, and William - 1844. In 1843 the island, which is a live volcano, began erupting, and the Reeds decided to return to New Zealand. Their 8th child William was born at Northcote, Auckland in 1844. Captain Reed and Te Kahumahinga had a Christian marriage at St Pauls Anglican Church, Auckland on 15 April, 1845. They had 4 more children later, a girl, Thomas2- 1850, James-1850, and Alice- 1855.
Evening Post 10th July 1914
DISPUTE PROBABLE. AUCKLAND, 9th July. The claim of Mr Thomas Bell to the ownership of Sunday Island will probably be disputed by several other parties. Mr. Bell and his family have resided continuously on the island since 1878, but several residents in Auckland believe that they can establish claims to share the land, on the ground that their ancestors were earlier inhabitants of Sunday Island.
Three persons are believed to be the only surviving relatives of Mr. James Reed and his wife, who went to Sunday Island in 1837 and resided there until 1845. They are two daughters Mrs. J. Cooke and Mrs. Gee, both of whom live at Northcote, and Mr. N. Von Sturmer, their nephew and a grandson of the late Mr. Reed. According to a documentary record in the possession of Mr. Von Sturmer, a statement was given by the late Mrs Reed in Auckland on 13th April, 1866, regarding the family's residence on Sunday Island. She stated that in 1836 Mr. Reed was in charge of the whaling station in Queen Charlotte Sound, and they were there married by Captain Bateman, of the ship Cheviot. In the following year Mr. Reed and his wife were taken with some Maori slaves to Sunday Island by Captain Bateman. They returned to New Zealand in the ship Montezuma in 1845, and lived in Auckland subsequently. The mother of Mr. Von Sturmer was born on Sunday Island. He states that according to accounts he has heard of that early settlement there was no sign of European occupation found by Mr. Reed except one pig, which was presumed to have been the survivor of some liberated by Cap tain Cook. Several goats were acclimatized by Mr. Reed, and he also planted bananas and oranges, securing the stocks from Pitcairn Island. The family lived in Denham Bay. A Captain Baker and a Samoan woman whom he married were also early residents on the island, and several of their descendants are now living in New Zealand.
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