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Peter Williams family

Arrived: 1829
Country of origin: Wales
Area in New Zealand: Preservation Inlet, Auckland, Otago
Source: Thomas Morland Hocken's Contributions to the early history of New Zealand, Paperspast, NZETC

Details: Known as Billy Williams, Peter was born at Pembrokeshire, Wales in 1794. He started the first whaling station in Preservation Inlet and was using the schooner 'Caroline' belonging to Mr Bunn, a merchant in Sydney. He returned to Sydney in 1836, with his wife, Mrs Peter Williams, and came out again in 1839 to the John Jones establishment in Otago. He married Mary Carey in 1849 and had a son and a daughter. He died in 1868.

His daughter Emma married W H S Roberts 27 October 1867. He also had a son, Peter.