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Mr Taylor (Whakatane)

Arrived: 1834 (before)
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Whakatane
Source: Paperspast

Details:   Otago Witness , 6 November 1869  Capt Budd describes his adventures in New Zealand.  In 1832, off East Cape, his ship was over-run by Maori and he was held hostage and the others were allowed to leave.  Some time later the tribe which held him was preparing for a skirmish with another tribe from Whakatane and Capt Budd took the opportunity to escape. He went nearby to where the Whakatane natives were and asked them for assistance. They took him and sold him to Mr Taylor in Whakatane and from there he went to Tauranga and took a ship to Sydney. By this time it was 1834. In 'A Trader in Cannibal Land' by James Cowan, the author mentions Mr Taylor being held captive and later telling him of the skirmish at the Te Tumu Pa (9th May 1836) which Tapsell was prevented from fighting in by his in-laws.

Tapsell had paid ransom for  Mr Taylor's wife and three half-caste children and his wife's sister , 20pound each who were captured at the battle of Te Tumu Pa. Money was always substituted for goods such as muskets, powder and lead and other neccessities. After getting back his relatives, Mr Taylor took them to the Urewera Country where his wife's relatives lived.The stay wasn't a good one as the Taylors became destitute and returned to Whakatane and Tapsell. 

Taylors wife left him with two of their children and went back to the Urewera's alone. Taylor became a beachcomber and presently died. His ex-wife came back to claim one of the children and Tapsell adopted the other.