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Marmon family

Arrived: 1823
Country of origin: Australia NSW
Area in New Zealand: Hokianga
Source: website; DNZB, paperspast; NLA Australian newpapers;

Described as the Pakeha Maori whose adventures were recorded in 'The Witness' prior to 1889. John perhaps known as Jacky seemed to have been serving on various ships, the Governor MacQuarie and General Gates in the early 1820's. In April 1823, he was called before the Magistrates bench in Sydney to answer a charge of feloniously entering the house of Richard Read but he did not appear.

Jacky Marmon has been noted in several books, hardly ever nicely, eg.,

Reminiscences of an Old Settler in Australia and New Zealand by John Webster.
Next day a recruit joined us as we left Nene's camp, the notorious John Marmon. He had been a convict, and was serving his time in one of His Majesty's ships on the coast of New Zealand. He managed to escape, and was sheltered by a chief named Hone Kingi (baptismal name for John King). His native name was Raumate, and he gave Marmon his daughter as wife. Marmon joined them in their wars, and on one occasion brought a basket of human flesh cooked in their earth ovens and offered some of it to George Nimmo, who refused it. Marmon said he had no idea how good it tasted. He could not however induce Nimmo to taste it.

J G Turner ; The Pioneer Missionary
It is well known that John Marmon, a most wicked Irish Catholic, now the interpreter and most active agent of the Romish Bishop, had threatened to make Mangungu smoke;

Rutherford compiled by Craik
The two men were on opposing sides and Rutherford tells how he was allowed to penetrate the Ngapuhi lines to meet his fellow European 'who', he relates, 'told me his name was John Mawman, that he was a native of Port Jackson, and that he had run away from the Tees sloop of war while she lay at this island.