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John Jones family

John Jones & Sarah Sizemore Jones
Arrived: 1825
Country of origin: Australia
Area in New Zealand: Otago
Source: Paperspast

Details: North Otago Times, 6 August 1889, Page 3  He was born in Sydney in early 1809 and began sealing in New Zealand around 1825. With profits from sealing and whaling he took over George Bunn's shore whaling station at Preservation Inlet. After the Treaty of Waitangi he successfully defended previous land acquisitions in the South Island and was allowed to retain over 2500 acres.

Dictionary of New Zealand Biography He married Sarah Sizemore in Sydney and had eleven children. I suppose most of them were born and raised in Australia and John didn't bring them to New Zealand until 1843.

Otago Witness, 27 March 1869, Page 17 The funeral of Mr John Jones.