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John Samuel Edmonds family

John Samuel Edmonds & Mary Ann Stickland Edmonds & family
Arrived: 1834
Country of origin: New Zealand 
Area in New Zealand: Bay of Islands
Source: book- A Very Suitable Man; Diane Ellis



 John Samuel Edmonds was born in 1801 in Dorset, England. He married Mary Ann Stickland on 25 July 1822 in Swanage, Dorset. John and Mary Ann Edmonds with 5 children- Samuel John born 1823 in Yorkshire, England; Arthur born 1825 in Kent, England; William born 1829 in Kent, England; Henry born 1831 in Kent, England; and Alfred born 1833 in Hobart, Tasmania- arrived in the Bay of Islands on board the ship Elizabeth in 1834. John was to work as a catechist for the Church Missionary Society. He was a stone mason by trade, and built the wharf at Kerikeri in the late 1830s. He owned land at Kerikeri, where he built a stone house for his family, now known as the Edmonds Ruins


Mary Ann Stickland was born in Swanage, Dorset in 1804. She married John Edmonds in 1802, and travelled, heavily pregnant,  with him and 4 children to Tasmania in 1833, where her 5th child was born. The family then travelled to the Bay of Islands on board the ship Elizabeth, where John Edmonds was employed by the Church Missionary Society as a stone mason and catechist.  She had 6 more children in NZ- a total of 11. John Tucker- 1835, Joseph- 1836, Reuben- 1836, Jane Elizabeth- 1837, Sarah Gammon- 1839, and Matilda- 1843. She lived in the Edmonds homestead near the mouth of the Kerikeri Inlet. She died on 9 March 1862, in the home of her son Samuel in Parnell, Auckland and is buried in the Symonds St Cemetery, Auckland.


Samuel John Edmonds was the eldest child of John Samuel Edmonds and Mary Ann Edmonds. He was born in Yorkshire, England on 18 November 1823. He travelled with his parents and brothers to New Zealand, arriving in the Bay of Islands in 1834 on board the ship Elizabeth. He grew up in Kerikeri, attending the Church Missionary Society school, but moved to Auckland about 1850. He was a well to do merchant in Auckland, and was involved in the publication of the first newspaper in NZ printed completely in Maori- the Korimako. He was also part owner of several small ships. He was also involved in the Kauri Gum trade.

He married Louisa Makepeace, born in Tasmania, in 1853. They had 11 children. Samuel died in 1888 in Auckland. He is buried in Symonds St Cemetery, Auckland.


Arthur Edmonds was the second son of JS and Mary Ann Edmonds. He was born in Kent, England on 21 September 1825. He travelled with his parents and brothers to New Zealand, arriving in the Bay of Islands in 1834 on board the ship Elizabeth. He grew up in Kerikeri and married 1) Erana Kaire about 1845, 2) Ani Ngarepe. He had 8 children by his first wife and 6 by his second. He died at Haruru Falls, Bay of Islands in 1914

William Edmonds was the third son of John and Mary Ann Edmonds, born in Kent, England on 7 February 1829. He came to New Zealand with his parents and brothers in 1834. He married Emmeline Shearer in Auckland in 1856. He died in 1897 in Auckland


Henry Edmonds was the fourth son of John and Mary Ann Edmonds. He was born on 4 December 1831 in Southborough, Kent, England and came with his parents and brothers to New Zealand in 1834 on the ship Elizabeth to the Bay of Islands.  He grew up in Kerikeri. He married Anne Catherine Wilson Kemp in 1866. They had 9 children. He died in Kerikeri in 1906.


Alfred Samuel Edmonds was the fifth son of John and Mary Ann Edmonds. He was born on 7 December 1833 in Hobart, Tasmania, as his family was journeying to New Zealand. He arrived on the ship Elizabeth in the Bay of Islands in 1834. He grew up in Kerikeri, and married 1) Erana Te Onerere, by whom he had three children  He later married Sarah Anne Makepeace, a sister of his brother Samuel's wife Louisa Makepeace, and had 3 more children. He was a gum digger and trader. He died about 1898 in Tairua, Coromandel.


John Tucker Edmonds was the first New Zealand born, in 1835,  child of John and Maryann Edmonds, although he had older brothers born in England and Australia. He was born at Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, snd died at Haruru Falls, Bay of Islands in 1918. He married Raiha Pekama in 1857. They had 13 children.

Rueben Edmonds was born in Kerikeri, New Zealand, about 1836, son of John and Mary Ann Edmonds. He was known as "The Rover". He may have gone to the USA with the Budlongs.
Joseph Edmonds was born in Kerikeri about 1836 and died about 1882. He married 1) Felicia Tremain, 2) Annie Coyle. He had 3 children by Annie Coyle.
Jane Elizabeth Edmonds was born in 1837 in Kerikeri, the second daughter of John and Mary Ann Edmonds. She married George Edward Budlong, an American whaler who had settled in the Bay of Islands, in 1857. They had 6 children. She died in Rhode Island, USA. In 1870 she and 2 children travelled to New Bedford on board the Alice Cameron.
Sarah Gammon Edmonds, born in 1839 in Kerikeri married 1) Louis Goffe about 1857, 2) Samuel Francis Prockter. She had 5 children by Louis Goffe.
Matilda Edmonds, the only child born after 1839,  married John Wright Hingston in 1864. They had 8 children.
Mary Ann Edmonds died in 1862. John Edmonds remarried, to Ellen Davies nee Hunter, in Auckland. He had  2 more children from his second marriage- John George Petingale Edmonds and  Mary Anne Edmonds.
John Edmonds died in Kerikeri in 1865. The place of his grave is unknown.