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John Smith at Ngahauranga

Arrived: 1839 (before)
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Port Nicholson at Ngahauranga
Source: Paperspast; NZETC

Details: Honorable gentleman, ( Mr Crawford addressing the Legislative Council August 28th 1862), may not be aware that I am one of the oldest inhabitants. I was here, Sir, in the year 1839. I landed on the shores of Cook's Strait in that year and walked over to this harbour. I then found but one Englishman in the place, he resided at Ngahauranga and his name was John Smith.  Well, Sir, John Smith may be said then to have constituted the Colony as far as the white population was concerned.  The British flag was not then hoisted, but it was soon afterwards.  Suppose, Sir, a war had broken out with the Natives, and the British Governmnet had called upon John Smith, as "The Colony" to pay the expenses of the war?

NZETC August 1839 (The Old Whaling Days, The coming of the Company). As an intermediary with the Natives, Barrett was selected, and put, with his wife, family and retinue, in the “tween decks” of the Tory, and a Te Awaiti combination of honest whaler-carpenter-sawyer-trader named Smith was employed to represent the Company after the land purchase was completed. With this cargo the Tory awaited a favourable wind to cross the Strait. At daylight on Friday, the twentieth the elements were favourable, and she sailed.

Manawatu Standard 2nd Dec 1885.  One interesting fact I (Mr John Howard) will mention. When we (the pioneers) landed on January 22 1840, we found Mr Smith in charge of Port Nicholson for Colonel Wakefield, who was absent in the Tory, and the only white man was Joe Robinson, who was building a small schooner at the mouth of the Waiwetu.