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John Rutherford

arrived; 1816
country of origin; England
area in New Zealand; Tokomaru Bay
sources; Transactions and Proceeding of the Royal Society of NZ; vol 23 1890
John Rutherford; The White chief
John Rutherford was supposedly an English seaman on the American brig Agnes which was attacked off Tokomaru Bay in March 1816. The captain, mate and cook were killed and the rest of the crew taken prisoner. The ship was burnt, and the prisoners taken ashore. The bodies of the killed men were eaten, along with those of 6 more of the crew. Only 6, including John Rutherford, survived. The others were John Watson, John Smith, and Jefferson, with 2 others unnamed.
Archdeacon W L Williams analysed his story in 1890, and believed it was a fabrication.