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John Hughes

Arrived: 1833
Country of origin: Australia
Area in New Zealand: Otago
Source: Haberfield family genealogy, Whaling in Southern Waters by Frank Tod, Otakou ancillary claims

Details:  John Hughes, native of Sydney, founder of the Moeraki whaling station arrived to work for the Weller Bros trading station. After a short time, he had saved enough to start up on his own.  He had two partners, Peter Chevatt who was a cooper and John Thompson. They had three European men and three Maori men working for them. John Knox, Richard Burn and William Isaac Haberfield were the Europeans. John married Kaunana. Hughes had a comfortable weather-boarded house and a large barn with a threshing floor, he had 10 acres cleared and grew wheat, barley and potatoes and had five head of cattle.

There was a story about John (Jack) or rather, his shoes. 'Old Jack Hughes had Maori shoes'.