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John Alexander Wilson

Arrived: 1833
Country of origin: France
Area in New Zealand: Waimate, Auckland, Tauranga
Source: website- NZETC, Memoirs of the Life and Gospel Labors of the Late Daniel Wheeler

Auckland Star 13th August 1887.
The Rev. John Alexander Wilson, whose obituary notice appears in the usual column on this page was the second son of Captain John Alexander Wilson, who served in the 60th Rifles through the Peninsular War. The deceased gentleman in early life entered the Royal Navy, and served on the Mediterranean, Channel, and West Indian stations. On the latter, he was actively engaged in the suppression of piracy, then prevalent in those days. In 1832, Mr Wilson, who had married Anne Catherine, second daughter of Major Hawker, of the 12th Dragoons, relinquished his profession and came to New Zealand in connection with tho Church Missionary Society. The deceased gentleman was a zealous, courageous and indefatigable missionary, whose enthusiasm led him to surrender good prospects and a good position to come to ;New Zealand to benefit the New Zealanders, and he had his reward, for he was ever in the van of a movement which caused wars and cannibalism to cease, and established respect for human life, consideration for human sufferings, and devotion to peaceful pursuits and Christian worship, throughout the length and breadth of New Zealand.

Details: 26 August 1887 I see by late Auckland papers that the hand of death has been laid upon a very old Missionary, the Reverend John Alexander Wilson, who came to the Colony about the year 1830 and died lately at the advanced age of Seventy-eight. He was many years stationed at Tauranga and Opotiki. Many of the old natives in this district remember the efforts he made to improve their condition and ween them from cannibalism. "Te story of Te Waharoa" written by his son, Judge Wilson, tells of many a deed of daring performed by the intrepid Missionary.

I met with Missionary, - Wilson, just arrived from the seat of war, having been driven with his family from the station occupied by him. The account he gives of their vindictive barbarism and cannibalism is truly horrifying.....

Ref: MS-Group-0446 Comprises letters and papers of the early missionary, John Alexander Wilson, his wife, Anne Catherine Wilson, their eldest son, John A Wilson (Land Court Judge, writer on things Maori etc), and correspondence between other members of the Wilson and Hawker families, especially Charles James Wilson.

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser 19th March 1833For New Zealand yesterday the schooner Byron, Captain Burrell with sundries. Passengers Mr J. R. Kent, supercaro; Rev Mr Wilson, Mrs Wilson, Mr J. R. Harris, Mr Thomas Ralph, Mr Thomas Battersby and six New Zealanders.