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James Spencer

Arrived: 1820's
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Bluff
Source: NZETC on Dr Edward Shortlands Book about his journey to the South.

Advertised in the Sydney Herald April 13, 1841, James Spencer, of the Bluff, Middle Island, New Zealand. A tract of land in the Middle Island of New Zealand called the Bluff or Bluff Harbour. A tract of land near the Old Man's Bluff, fronting to the water of Bluff Harbour.  All that Island in the vicinity of the Bluff Harbour, called Spencer's island.

Details: Just abreast of our anchorage was a very good weather-boarded house belonging to an old soldier, names Spencer, who had been long resident in the country, and was reported to have grown wealthy by selling grog. He boasted of having been at the battle of Waterloo. This veteran was at least six feet high, and had two wives.

Otago Witness 9 June 1860
In the matter of the Grant issued on the 15 th February 1845, to James Spencer of 200 acres at the Bluff Harbour; and also for 200 acres at the Bluff (Claims 213, 213 a) , and also for an Island, Te Kuri, in the Bluff Harbour (Claim 213b).
The Grants issued in these claims were duly called in by the Attorney- General by notice in the New Zealand Gazette, dated 20th June 1859, but have not been produced for examination
It appears by the statement of Mr. T. B. Gillies, solicitor for John M'Gibbon, surviving executor of James Spencer, that the said James Spencer departed this life on or about the ? day of 18? , and that the said James Spencer, during his lifetime, and on or about the 10th July 1846, deposited in the Registrar General's office, at Sydney, in the colony of New South Wales, a certain packet, said to contain among other things the Crown Grants and other title deeds to land ; that directions were given in writing, on the outside of such packet, to the effect that the same was not to be opened until the youngest son of the said James Spencer (now believed to be aged about 13 years) should attain his majority; and that, in consequence of such directions, the Registrar General at Sydney declines to deliver up such packet.
Sydney Gazette; 28 July 1829
Mrs Bridget Spencer and child arrived in Sydney in 1829.

Yesterday arrived, from New Zealand, the cutter Fairy, Wishart, master. Lading, pork and 200 seal skins. Passengers. Mrs. Bridget Spencer and child, Mr. Thomas Battersby, Mr. Robert, and two New Zealanders.