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James Honey

arrived; 1837
country of origin;
area in New Zealand; Kaipara and Hokianga

1837 Petition; 1838 census of Hokianga; Old Land Claims; no 317
He signed the 1837 Petition to King William
1838 Census ; James Honey Motu Karaka Sawyer

Maori Deeds of Old Private Land Purchases in New Zealand, From the Year 1815 to 1840, with Pre-Emptive and Other Claims Deeds—No. 317
Whanganamu Block, Hokianga District, described. page 275 Also Kaukapakapa 1839.

Land Transactions in Southern Kaipara 1840-1865 (Waitangi Tribunal).
In 1850 there was still no European settlement in southern Kaipara except for James Honey's small timber-extraction enterprise at Whakatiwai on the Kaukapakapa River which was the subject of an old land claim. This claim was for 2000 acres. 'Old Terrewaike appears to be head chief in the district and Honey was a great favourite of his. Honey remained on this land undisturbed for 14yrs. In 1854, Honey was threatened by Otene who had said he would destroy his house and buildings unless he left the ground. James had intended to use the ground for cattle rearing for meat supply to the the Auckland trade. He said eleven years ago he had employed six men for cutting the timber on the same ground without interruption from these or any other natives.