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James Davidson

Arrived: 1838
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Preservation Inlet
Source: Sydney Gazette and NSW advertiser

Details:  The Trial of Edwin Palmer.  James Davidson was called, when Mr Foster said that Davidson having been convicted as a felon within the Colony, he objected to his being allowed to give evidence.
James deposed. In the month of June, I was carpenter at the whaling establishment of Jones and Palmer ; the Sydney Packet used to trade between Sydney and there, I knew Charles Denahan, a lad of about eighteen years.
I have merely been paid by Jones for the week that I have done, when we get plenty of work, coopering is a profitable employment.
Ten years ago I was convicted of cattle stealing and sent to Oreton Bay, I never had a quarrel with Palmer about a woman. I heard he had persuaded a chief to kill a woman that I had, in order to be avenged on me. When I spoke to Palmer, he denied it and from what I heard I believed him.