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Jackson family

Arrived: 1829
Country of origin: England
Area in New Zealand: Te Awaiti
Source: DNZB

Details: James Hayter Jackson, born Putney, London, 1800 came to New Zealand as mate on the schooner 'Waterloo'. He worked for Jacky Guard at his whaling station and had children with a native woman. In the mid 1830's, he moved to Port Underwood. Jackson's Bay is named after him. After the whaling days died, he built his own schooner and traded up and down the coast. He married Eliza Roil and had nine children. He died in 1877.

17th Oct 1838. James Jackson returning to NZ on the 'Edward', Captain Leathart.

On August the 2nd, at Jackson's Bay, Tory Channel, Mr James Jackson, aged 77 years