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Henry Biddell

Arrived: before 1838.
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Hokianga
Source:  1966 Encyclopedia of New Zealand. Mangungu Mission cemetery records.
Henry Biddell was the first murder victim in New Zealand for whom there was a trial of the accused, even though there was no legal justice system at the time.
He was deliberately drowned in the Hokianga Harbour in May 1838.
He was a stone cutter who had been working as a sawyer for Cochrane at Mangamuka, (Hokianga by Jack Lee).
James Busby " presided over a mixed tribunal which condemned a Maori slave, Kite, to death (not the main murderer who was a chiefs son), for the murder of Henry Biddle (May 1838), an episode on which Gipps drily commented, “Justice independently of law is a rather dangerous principle.”
On his tombstone at Mangungu Cemetery, it gives his name and one word- "murdered" .