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Haberfield family

William Isaac Haberfield

Arrived: 1836
Country of origin: England
Area in New Zealand: Port Moeraki, Otago
Source: NZETC  Early Shipping  A Haberfield genealogy by Rex and Adrienne Evans.

Details: Born 1815 Briston England. He came on the 'Mic Mac' in 1836 to Moeraki to be in charge of the whaling station. He first married Teitei. Then was married to Akari by the Rev. Mr. Creed in 1852. He lived out the rest of his life in Otago.

Poverty Bay Herald,11 September 1906. Mr William Isaac Haberfield, who died at Oamaru hospital on Sunday, was born at Bristol, England, on June 3rd, 1815, and was brought up to a seafaring life. He became a midshipman on H.M. brig Snake, and made his first acquaintance with the colonies as one of the crew of a ship which brought prisoners to Van Dieman's Land. Mr Haberfield landed in Otago m 1836, and was for a number of years engaged in whaling on the East Coast of the South Island. Six years later he settled at Port Moeraki for very many years ; subsequently, however, he sailed in coasting vessels, and suffered shipwreck on the Rory O’More on the Wairarapa beach. Deceased left surviving him his wife, an aged Maori woman, who is completely blind.

Otago Witness 23 January 1907, Page 67 Mrs Haberfield's death. She was the sister of Weteri Te Kahu and had previously been married to Mr Price and John Emston aka Black Jack.

William and Teitei

Dau Mere Pi (Mary) born 1837 married Robert Fortune, Vincent Pike and Charles Chapman.
Dar Mereana (Annie) born 1840 married George Reynolds.
Son John Kerle born 1845 married Elizabeth (Noki) Newton.
Son Joseph William born 1849 died 1879.
Dau Mereiana born 1849 died 1850.

Otaku ancillary claims.