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George Green

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Details: George Green died at Dunedin 3rd Sept 1872.  He came from Sydney in 1838 and remained about a year, long enough to purchase 20,000 acres @ Stewart Is, 20,000 acres off the Southland Coast, 20,000 acres Kowokapito Bay, 109 acres @ Bluff and 1,000,024 acres @ Mistaken Bay on the West Coast. All this for £85.  He then went back to Sydney.
From there he negotiated with the new government but could not get a Crown Grant. Finally, in 1860 he returned for good. He received 5000 acres in two block of 2500 acres. Ten of Mr Green's family survive him.

Family member:
George Green was born in Shadwell, London in 1810. Following an invitation from his Uncle and Aunt, Thomas and Charlotte Hyndes, to join them in NSW, with the approval of his father and the Secretary of State, Lord Bathurst, George arrived in NSW per "Eliza"on 22nd November, 1822. He was twelve years old. George was very industrious and learnt the trade of Boat Building and at the age of 20 years he married Maria Bates and set about acquiring land in Sydney, mainly on the North Shore, no doubt on the advice of his Uncle Thomas Hyndes, who was also a substantial landowner. His parents and other family members had also joined him in NSW by this time.
In 1836 George Green asked his brother-in-law, Nathaniel Bates, to accompany him to New Zealand and in 1838, after they arrived, George put Nathaniel in charge of property he had purchased on Stewart Island. Nathaniel settled in New Zealand and raised a large family while becoming a successful Farmer and Whaler. George Green travelled to and from NZ and NSW for some years until in 1859 he went to NZ for the last time, settling there, I believe this was in the Otago/Dunedin area.  He left his wife, Maria, and most of his family in NSW but some of his sons did join him in NZ. He fought for many years to regain the land holdings that he had purchased from the Maori but had been resumed by the N.Z. Government. He was unsuccessful and he died in N. Z. in 1872. Maria Green, nee Bates,died in Willoughby, NSW on 16th February 1896.
For a very informative book about George Green and his descendants please read "Evergreen Memories" by Margaret Webster, pub. 1989. Margaret is a descendant of George Green.