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Charles Denehan

Arrived: 1837 (before)
Country of origin: West Indies
Area in New Zealand: Preservation Inlet
Source: Whaling in Southern Waters by Frank Tod

Details: Charles was beaten up by Edwin Palmer at the Preservation Inlet whaling station and died on the 4th of July 1837 possibly as a result of internal disease. Edwin went to Sydney to face charges but was acquitted. The day before the trial some key witnessess left Sydney and whether John Jones and Edwin Palmer paid off these witnessess will never be known.

The Sydney Gazette 23rd May 1838. At the trial, James Davidson deposed, I knew Charles Denham or Denahan, a lad about eighteen years of age, he was six weeks or two months there and he told me he was a native of the St Kitts in the West Indies. Thomas Ashwell deposed, the next day after the beating I gave him soup and eggs and some sugar, he was always a terrible boy of sugar, he complained of a gnawing in his stomach, worms came from his nose and mouth, he lived six weeks after he got the beating, worms more than six inches long and about the size of that pen used to come from nose and mouth. Mr Palmer said he had an inward complaint.