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Gage family

George Gage and Pororua

Arrived: 1835 (before)
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Bay of Islands, Waikato
Source: Paperspast, Return of Europeans in Occupation of Native Land,

Details: Compensation Court Daily Southern Cross 13 October 1866
William Turner deposed : I know Mr Gage's place in the Waikato. He had a two-roomed whare, which it would cost about £8 to erect. It was destroyed during the war. He had some land under wheat and potatoes. The land belonged to claimant's wife, who is a native. There were a number of fruit-trees in the orchard. George Gage deposed : I lived at Kihikihi in July, 1863, and all the losses occurred there. It was native land. I have lived there upwards of eighteen years. I did not know that it was illegal to occupy Maori land. I never heard of the proclamation forbidding Europeans to occupy native land. I left in July 1863. I have not been there since: Witness gave evidence as to the various items contained in the claim. John Gage deposed to his father's house having been destroyed. The case was adjourned to procure the evidence of the claimants wife. Claim was disallowed.

On April the 2nd 1867 the men of Raglan sent a letter to the editor of the Daily Southern Cross explaining that the settlement had only 20 or so dis-organised men and could not form a volunteer corps and that they lived there only on sufference. George Gage and his two sons George and John signed it amongst the others.

George Gage was present in the Bay of Islands in 1835, when he marked the Petition to King William. He was later in the Coromandel,1837, and Hauraki, 1838, where he witnessed sale of land documents to William Maxwell and William Webster. He married Wana Pororua and had 3 children, sons George Gage and John Gage and daughter Mere Gage.

Return of Europeans in Occupation of Native Land
He began the occupation of 6acres belonging to Patukoko under sufferance (Crown grant promised for his children) in 1852. At the time there were 3 males and 3 females in his house. His occupation was sailor.