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Frank Abel

Arrived: 1836
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Hokianga Harbour    
Source: Paperspast


The Old Folks Home.
Another old man of 78 had just finished a model, which he was sending down for exhibition in the establishment of Messrs. Hoffman and Sons, where it has since attracted great attention. His name is Frank Abel, and he claims to be the oldest shipwright in New Zealand, having come to Hokianga from Sydney in 1836 to build the three-masted schooner Maori. Since then he has built 37 vessels, and the present model, which stands about 8ft high and is cutter rig, reproduces the hull of the Eclaire, schooner, 180 tons, which was one the fastest vessel in Australasia, and was built by the old man at Whangaroa, in the year 1837.