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Forsaith family

Thomas Spencer Forsaith and Elizabeth Mary nee Clements

Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Kaipara, Port Chalmers
Source: Paperspast The Waitangi Tribunal, Te Ara- Encyclopedia of New Zealand 1966

Details:  Thomas was born 18 July 1814 in London, Middlesex, England.
Mangawhare was the site of Forsaith’s trading station, which had been established in 1839 at the confluence of the Kaiu and Wairoa Rivers, and was now part of the town of Dargaville. The destructive raid on Forsaith’s station by local Maori in 1842 forced him to leave the Kaipara leaving a manager, Elihu Shaw, in charge of the trading station. He sold the property in 1851 to Hastings Atkins, to whom the Crown grant was finally awarded in 1864.
Congregationalist minister.

Evening Post, Volume LIX, Issue 24, 29 January 1900, Page 5. Mrs. Forsaith, widow of the late Rev. T. S. Forsaith, head of the New Zealand Cabinet which held office for two days in 1854, and was known as "the Clean Shirt Ministry," has just died in this colony (Parramatta, NSW), aged 88.

Otago Witness , Issue 864, 20 June 1868, Page 14 It so happened that Mr Forsaith and (Rev. J Vetch) arrived in this Colony in the same week, nearly 30 years ago, and the first religious service which they attended was that of the Lord's Supper, administered by the late martyred missionary, the Rev. John Williams.
Was a member of the first House of Representatives called together in New Zealand Wednesday May 24th, 1854..

Diamond Wedding Anniversary: On 17th May, 1838, at the Independent Meeting House, Old Broad-street, London, by the Rev Edward Mannering,  Thomas Spencer Forsaith, to Elizabeth Mary Clements. They had a daughter, Charlotte Clements Forsaith..

Diamond Wedding 

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