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Faulkner family

John Lees Faulkner and Irihapeti (Elizabeth) or Puihi

Arrived: 1832
Country of origin: England
Area in New Zealand: Bay of Islands
Source: DNZB, Paperspast, Return of Europeans in Occupation of Native Land,

Details: John Lees Faulkner was born Whitby, Yorkshire around 1811. In 1835 he purchased land in the Bay of Islands and got to know IRuawahine. They had several children by 1840 and were married by Rev Alfred Brown Nisbet in 1842 who also baptised their children.

On 20 May 1835 Henry Williams baptised their first child, Joseph, and over the next 20 years they had 12 more children - Elizabeth, Maria, Jane, Jarvis, Eliza, Alfred, George, Isabella, Christopher and John, and two children who died in infancy. In 1842 Ruawahine was married to John by the Reverend A. N. Brown, CMS missionary at Tauranga. She became a Christian, taking the name Irihapeti (Elizabeth).

John traded between the Bay of Islands and Tauranga. Faulkner's trading store on the Otumoetai property, known as Okorore, flourished. Its success owed much to the mana of Ruawahine: Faulkner was accepted by local Maori, exchanging his valuable entrepreneurial skills for their protection. In 1860 he was appointed as Tauranga's first postmaster.

Ruawahine died on 24 September 1855, and Faulkner married Elizabeth Humphries in Auckland on 26 January 1857; they had one child.

Died at Tauranga on 8 September 1882.
We regret to have to record the death of Mr. John L. Faulkner, the oldest inhabitant of Tauranga, which occurred at the Yorkshire Grey Hotel, on the 8th instant. The deceased gentleman had exceeded the allotted age of man. He came here in 1840, and has resided in the district ever since. He was much respected, and leaves a large number of children, and grandchildren to deplore their loss. As a token of respect to the memory of the deceased, the flags were half-masted, and shutters were put up in the shops in the Borough.

Return of Europeans in Occupation of Native Land
; John Faulkner began occupation of Ngaterangi land in 1842, it was 1 acre, property of his former native wife. He was Trader and  there were 5 males and 4 females in the family.

Police Gazette, 1878.
Joseph Faulkner Tauranga 1878 N. Zealand carpenter 1832 One previous conv. Kohine, Ko Hare HoHo Hohepa on right arm, Potie Heni,Koria Peti Kotiria Maryan on left arm.