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James and Daniel Farrow

Arrived: 1829
Country of origin:

Area in New Zealand: Rotorua
Source: A Trader in Cannibal Land by James Cowan, Return of Europeans in Occupation of Native Lands

Brother of Daniel Farrow, they came to New Zealand together to trade in flax.

Details: After the battle of Te Tumu, chief Hikairo who lived at Mokoia Island asked Philip Tapsell to send him a white man which he did and Farrow came with a quantity of trade goods to establish a station.  All went well at first but then Farrow wrote to Tapsell to say that the Maori's had suddenly begun to look at the flax products they were making as their own. Tapsell sent an American Negro and together, they smuggled the flax away.

In about 1836-37, Clementson and Farrow who were both working for Tapsell left for Matata in a whaleboat for the purpose of consulting with Tapsell's agent White there. They were both drowned in the surf attempting to land at Matata.
Or did he?  In the Return of Europeans in Occupation of Native Lands, a John Farrow is listed as being in occupation of 3/4 acre of Ngaiterangi land purchased before 1840, he was a trader and had no family.

In a letter written 2 August 1837 by James Kemp to Rev John A Wilson, James mentions the accident saying:  Clementson was drowned at Matata also that young man 'Jenkins' who was living with him. They were in Mr Tapsell's boat I believe going into Matata. There were 3 Europeans in the boat, Mr C, Mr Jenkins and James Farrow who was saved by the natives. (Wilson, John Alexander, Letters 1835-1887 Auckland War Memorial Museum Library MS 98/76)