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Espie family

Robert Espie and Ani Kato or Ani Umutapua

Arrived: 1837
Country of origin: Ireland
Area in New Zealand: Poverty Bay
Source: Historic Poverty Bay and the East Coast NI NZ, Graham Dixon.

Details: Born in County Tyrone in 1811, Robert went to Tasmania with his parents and reached Poverty Bay in 1837. His wife was of Whanau-a-Tao hapu of Tokomaru Bay.

Rev W Williams and Rev R Taylor visited Robert Espie and his family in 1839. Their station was situated at Motukaroro.

It deeply shocked Mr Taylor to find a man of Espie's upbringing was content fo adopt such a primitive way of living and that he was the son of a naval surgeon of great respectability in Tasmania. But he lives here like every other trading European, with a native woman and in the native fashion and his abode is wretched.

There were three European assistants employed at the station and two Englishman sawing wood for Espie at Uawa Pa.

Robert married Ethel Downes who arrived on the Minerva in June 1841 and had three more children, the marriage was performed by Rev Williams and is mentioned in Williams' diary. He then married Jane Ellis and had two more girls and a boy. (Hillarious ending to this relationship).

Robert died on the 4th of April 1868.

By Ani Kato
Margaret Espie (Mrs Abraham Moore then Mrs Lockwood).
Hannah Espie (Mrs Arapeta Rangiuia).
A boy who drowned.

By Ethel Downes
Emma Espie (Mrs Walsh who was slain in the massacre).
John Edward Espie 1848 - 1933.
Mary Jane Espie (Mrs Alexander Robb).

By Jane Ellis
Jane Ellis Espie ??? - 1934 (Mrs Newton then Mrs Pattison then Mrs Collins)
Kate Emily Espie 1855 - 1924 (Mrs Hall)
Boy (died young)