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The Weller brothers

Arrived: 1832
Country of origin: England
Area in New Zealand: Otago
Source: Whaling in Southern Waters; pre1856 Marriages collection

Details: The Weller Brothers, George, Joseph and Edward the youngest,  were born at Folkestone, Kent. They came to Australia with their father in the late 1820's and were well-to-do. Edward was the adventurer among them. George stayed in Sydney. Joseph, who was not in good health, came with Edward to New Zealand and died here. They built and ran several whaling stations and in 1835 had up to 80 or so men, mainly Europeans, working for them.

Edward married first to Paparu, dau of Tahatu and Matau who died in 1838.
Daughter Fanny Weller (Hana), born mid 1830's.
Edward then married Nikuru, daughter of chief Taiaroa of Otakou in February 1839

Edward got a very good return from his trading during 1836, he had a large stone store and this year was also the peak of the whaling years for whales caught.