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Edward Catlin

Though not strictly a person who stayed in New Zealand, Edward does have the distinction of naming rights to part of the Otakou (Otago) area.
Otago Witness , 29 August 1889
The question was asked me the other day: "Why is the district in which you live called Catlin's River?" Of course I replied that it was named after Captain Catlin, a whaler, who put into the harbour between 1830 and 1840. At that time New Zealand was a dependency of New South Wales, and on reporting his discovery the Government of the day gave a grant of between 200 and 300 acres to the discoverer. The Otago Provincial Council would no doubt be notified of this grant, for the land has been always known as Catlin's Reserve Catlin, however, died, and nothing was known of him or of his family, if he had any. A few months ago a gentleman from New South Wales was visiting this neighbourhood, and making inquiries about land at Port Molyneux which belonged originaly to parties in Sydney. A gentleman asked him if he knew anything of Captain Catlin or his family, and told him about the reserve. On his return to New South Wales he instituted inquiries, and discovered that a son of Captain Catlin, between 60 and 70 years old, still lived. I believe this Mr Catlin has written asking further information concerning the land granted his father. This sounds almost like a romance, but I believe I hate given a true account of the matter.