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Dr Ross family

Arrived: 1833
Country of origin: England
Area in New Zealand: Hokianga Harbour
Source: Mangungu Mission cemetery records
Australian Newspapers

Details: Born 1780, arrived Sydney 1823, Presbyterian. He served as a doctor on Norfolk Island then returned to Sydney.He was appointed to be a Magistrate of the Territory in 1827 by the Governor.
He married Alicia Willis of Sydney 15th Nov 1832.
He had been a professor of medicine of the College of Edinburgh.

He was involved in a court case. Sydney Gazette and NSW Advertiser; 17 November 1832

Sydney Morning Herald 17 June 1833
For New Zealand, also yesterday, the schooner Fortitude, Captain Wood, with sundries. Passengers, Captain Clendon, Dr. Ross, Mrs. Ross, Mr. Polack, Mr. Leving, James Bligh, Thomas Green, Mary Green, George Hall, Sarah Ann Hall, and 2 children, James Smith, and 3 New Zealanders.

W. B Marshall; A personal narrative of two visits to N.Z. - H.M.S. Alligator in 1834. At Pahia 25th Oct 1834 we met Dr Ross, a physician who had come to N.Z. as a settler but was soon stripped of all he possessed by natives and glad to accept a small salary and shelter from the missionaries in lieu of his professional services when these might be needed for any of the Mission families. He lived near James Busby.

Death; At the Hokianga in the month of June last, in the 65th year of his age, Adolphus James Ross, Esq., Physician, for some years a resident of this Colony, and formerly professor of Medicine of the College of Edinburgh. Sydney Monitor; 3 August 1838

Mrs Ross began to teach school at the mission in 1838 after Adolphus died and was buried in June of that year. Mrs Ross and children returned to England.