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Cowell family

John Cowell and Mary Ann Risdon
Arrived: 1822
Country of origin: England
Area in New Zealand: Bay of Islands, Kawhia
Source: NZ Historic Places Trust (Homewood)

Details: John Cowell was a lay preacher of the Church Missionary Society. He married  Mary Ann Risdon Howe of Sydney in 1821 as his second wife. He had a son John Vittoria Cowell in 1813 by his first wife. He first arrived in the Bay of Islands in 1822. John was one of Samuel Marsden's lay missionaries and a twine-spinner, in the Roll of Early Settlers and descendants in the Auckland Province.Their residence is recorded as Kororareka in 1823, by which time John Cowell had dissolved his connection with the CMS.
John Cowell, Mary Ann, and John Vittoria Cowell came to Kawhia Harbour in 1828. Mary Ann Cowell is believed to have been the first European woman at Kawhia, where she died in March 1832. John senior married again, to Rewa, Ngati Hikairo, but he was widowed for the third time in 1838 and then cared for by Tawariki, who was possibly a common law wife, until his death in October 1839. John had a son Hone Kaora (John Cowell) in 1838.

Mentioned in 'Raglan County Hills and Sea, A Centennial History 1876-1976' by C.W. Vennell and Susan Williams. Pg25
Captain John Rodolphus Kent brought John Cowell and three other white traders to take up permanent residence at Kawhia early in 1829. He returned to Sydney on the 3rd of June.

In 1830 John Vittoria Cowell was trading master of the Elizabeth which carried Te Rauparaha from Kapiti to Akaroa on his mission of bloody vengeance, an episode which, in his maturer years, he bitterly regretted (Vide Weekly News 5 March 1881).

Mary Ann Risdon
Source: Australian Newspapers;
Hobart Town Gazette and Van Diemen’s Land Advertiser (Tas. : 1821-1825) Saturday 15 September 1821
The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1803-1842) Saturday 25 August 1832
Married--This day (June 30), at the Church of St. Philip, Sydney, by the Rev. Mr. Hill, Mr John Cowell, of the church Missionary society to Miss Marianne Ris Howe, eldest daughter of the late Mr. George Howe, Government Pri'y of New South Wales.

DIED, At Carfear, New Zealand, in March, last, aged 27 years, MARY ANN RISDON, wife of Mr. JOHN COWELL, and eldest daugnter of the late GEORGE HOWE, Esq., the original founder of the " Gazette" in this colony.
Mary Anne Risdon Howe was born in 1805 in New South Wales, the daughter of George Howe, the proprietor of the Sydney Gazette, and Elizabeth Euston. She married John Cowell of the Church Missionary Society, in 1821 as his second wife. John Cowell had a son John Vittoria Cowell born 1813.
Mary Anne was the eldest sister of George Terry Howe, of the Tasmanian and Port Dalrymple Advertiser. who visited her in Kawhia, where he had a son by a Maori woman of noble birth. She died in 1832 in Kawhia