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James Chase

Arrived: 1836
Country of origin: USA
Area in New Zealand: Bay of Islands, Wairoa
Source: Paperspast

Details: Bay of Plenty Times 24th June 1901
With old whaler Chase – who died the other day at an advanced age in Napier, was buried much unique information. Chase, a Yankee, came to the Bay of Islands from the South Seas in 1836, got down Wairoa way, was in the country during the Hone Heke rebellion, married a Maori woman and lived practically as a savage for 50 years. For some years past, he lived in Hawkes Bay district and was well cared for by his compatriots. He had a wonderful ‘log’ which very few have seen and which is reputed to contain material for a history of Maori life and customs. The veteran, in his later days could only chatter aimlessly, and a pint of beer would destroy his memory altogether.