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Capt Salmon

Arrived: 1838 or before
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Bay of Islands, Mot

Details: Sydney Gazette, 27th November 1838. Captain Salmon is making great improvements on the island of Muterroer, he has laid the island out in enclosed fields and intends to erect a good dwelling near to his present homestead.

December 1930 Captain Salmon, late of the whaling barque Earl Stanhope, and who had resided at the Bay of Islands for some time past, was unfortunately drowned. The following are the particulars, as received by the whaling barque Diana — Captain Salmon, accompanied by four of his men, left the beach at Korararika, for the opposite fide of the Bay (the residence of Capt.S.), with a strong northerly wind ; on their way across a sudden squall took the boat, and before they could lower the sail she capsized and turned keel up. Captain S. and three of the yinen met with a watery grave, but the other man succeeded in saving himself by clinging to the boat's bottom, off which be was taken in a very deplorable state on the following morning.