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Capt Richard Scott

Arrived: 1833
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Bay of Islands, Nelson
Source: Paperspast

Details: Timaru Herald, 1st of December 1882.
Many of the present residents of Timaru and the neighborhood will remember Captain Richard Scott, a most genial old gentleman, who some fifteen or sixteen years ago came to Timaru to act as agent for the Messrs Rhodes, and remained here for six or seven years, and they will regret to hear that he died on Friday last at the ripe age of 82. On leaving Timaru he went to live with his son-in-law, Mr Philip McRae, at Wairau in Marlborough, and remained with him until his decease. Captain Scott was one of the earliest traders on the New Zealand coast, aud saw some curious scenes in the old days, the stories of which he could recount with capital effect. In the days when white visitors were few, the Maori chiefs took the masters of vessels trading to or whaling on the coast, under their special protection, and Captain Scott was a protege of the famous chief Rauparaha. He was born in 1800, and came out to Australia about 1827 or 1828. He was engaged in the Mauritius trade till about 1832 or 1833, when he appeared on the New Zealand coast as master of the whaling brig Hind, owned by "Tommy Hind" of Sydney. After pursuing this vocation for some years he brought his family from Launceston to Nelson, and having settled them there, he became master of a regular trader between that place and Sydney. In '53 or '54 he brought over" Mr' Alfred Cox and family from Sydney to Timaru,in the brig Spray, and took away one of the first loads of wool clippedin South Canterbury. Some years later he left the sea, and as above stated spent some years in Timaru as agent for Messrs Rhodes. Captain Scott had a large family, some of his numerous sons following their father's vocation. One of them, Mr John Scott, was pilot at Port Nicholson for many year. Of Captain Scott it may truly be said that he could not make an enemy if he tried.