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Capt Robert Brown's family

Arrived: 1823
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Codfish Island
Source: book; Behold the Moon by Peter Entwisle;
              website; Pre 1848 Settlers of Otago and Southland
              thesis; Transgressing Boundaries- A history of the mixed descent families
                         of Maitapapa, Taieri 1830-1940; Angela Wanhalla

Details: Captain Robert Brown started a settlement at Codfish Island when the sealing industry was waning. He arrived on the Glory in 1823.  He married Te Wharerimu, and had 5 children; Tame/Thomas- "The first half-caste child born in southern New Zealand"; Kararaina/Caroline who married the whaler John Howell of Riverton; Tera/Sarah who married the Tasmanian born whaler Ned Palmer; Peti/Elizabeth who married Tame Parata later MP for Southern Maori; and Papu/ Robert who married Tini/ Jane Palmer, daughter of Ned Palmer's uncle Edward Palmer, in 1847. All these children were born in the 1820s and 30s.

Two Hundred Years on Codfish Island (Whenuahou); From Culture Encounter to Nature Conservation by Angel Middleton 2007 for the Department of Conservation.
Robert Brown died 1844, Wharerimu moved to Taieri, Edwards took care of Sarah 10yrs old, Woodman took care of Elizabeth 6yrs old.