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Arrived: 1830's
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Ohinemutu
Source: Paperspast- Evening Post 11 June 1910


LEGENDS OF THE LAKES. (Specially written for the Evening Post.) By J. Cowan. (All Rights Reserved.)
"Kapiti" is the Maori pronunciation of Cabbage, which was the "name of one of the early white traders in the Arawa and Tauranga districts." "Hemi," the trader mentioned in the preceding story, was one of his companions. Cabbage, say the Maoris, came to Tauranga from the Bay of Islands; he traded with Ngati-wai, who were a hapu of the Ngapuhi, North of Auckland, before he settled in the Bay of Plenty. His trading store was at Te Papa, the principal Maori settlement on Tauranga Harbour, and he bartered muskets and gunpowder, tobacco, blankets, and other pakeha commodities for muka, or dressed flax, which was in those days the chief article of export from New Zealand to Sydney.

"Kapiti," it was said, was urging Te Werohia to make war on the Rotorua tribes in order that he might obtain supplies of dressed flax from the Lakeland districts. Cabbage was afterwards murdered by the Maoris on Mokoia Island.