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Butler family

Rev John Gare Butler and Hannah Hitchman

Country of origin: England
Area in New Zealand: Bay of Islands. Hokianga
Source: Mangungu Mission Cemetery records

John Butler, said to be a confident and enthusiastic gardener.
Butler and Marsden collide.
Butler's dispute with Samuel Marsden and their removal to Sydney.

Hocken Collections:
Butler was in business for twenty years in London before being ordained a minister. He arrived in the Bay of Islands in 1819, settling in Kerikeri. He was the first ordained missionary for the Church Mission Society and his title was Superintendent of New Zealand, under Samuel Marsden's supervision from Sydney. Among his achievements in New Zealand was was use of the first plough in New Zealand and that he was a successful gardener. When Samuel Marsden arrived to install Henry Williams in Paihia he was dissatisfied with Butler's performance, particularly with his inability to to prevent fellow missionary, Thomas Kendall, from selling muskets to the Maori, and Butler eventually returned to England. Butler worked in various church posts until his dual experience as a clergyman and a former magistrate during his time in New Zealand made him the ideal candidate for the for the role of native guardian for the New Zealand Company. He returned to New Zealand in 1840, where he died the following year. (from 'Dictionary of New Zealand Biography', 1940 ed.)


Samuel Butler born 1802
drowned aged 34 and was buried on the 5th December 1836 leaving a wife. Ann Dunn and six children. He was settled at the entrance to the Waima River in 1827. His boat upset getting timber for the Brazil Packet and he was intoxicated at the time. There was a collection taken up for the family and Mrs Butler and her children departed for Sydney on the Nimrod arriving 11th May 1837. His children were; 
Ann Butler, born/died 1822;
Samuel John Butler, born 17 June 1824;
Lucy Butler, born/died 1827
- all born in Sydney.
James Butler born 18 May 1828, baptized by John Hobbs on 7 June 1828; 
Elizabeth Butler born 23 May 1831, baptized 6 July 1831 by W White;
Lucy Ann Butler born 24 Nov 1833 at Waima, baptized 15 December 1833 by J Whiteley; 
Eliza White Butler born 24 Jan 1836, baptized 28 July 1836 by W White
- all born in New Zealand

Family tree; http://www.ozigen.com/tpg/getperson.php?personID=I990&tree=tng1

Hannah Butler born 5th Sept 1817, came to New Zealand as a 2 year old,  married ? Barton