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Brind family

Arrived: 1823 (before)
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Bay of Islands
Source: Manuscript; They came by sea by John O'Connor Ross

Details: Well known Captain William Derby Brind was in and out of New Zealand since the 1820's. He became involved in 'The Girls War' at Kororareka and later settled in the Bay of Islands as a trader. Captain Brind sponsored Thomas Hansen's child William Brind Hansen who was baptised at Kerikeri on the 3rd of June 1823 by Rev Butler.  See the book: "Brind of the Bay of Islands" by Jocelyn Chisholm ist published in 1979, second edition and updating 2009.

William was familiar with a few of the daughters of chiefs over the years and Moewaka, a relative of Te Morenga bore him a child born in 1838 while Brind was away on a voyage. Moewaka died and meanwhile, Brind's wife whom he'd married in 1835, Eliza Ann Snoswell, had finally arrived in the Bay. The baby was adopted by the Brinds and baptised by Rev. Octavious Hadfield in 1839. 

Mrs Eliza Ann Brind had a son in 1840.

William Roberton Brind
Alfred Henry Brind 1843
Edward Charles Brind 1845
Sarah Fann Brind 1848
Amelia Kate Brind 1850.

When Kororareka (Russell) was attacked, March 11th 1845, William was in Sydney and the women and children were escorted to the ships and were unmolested and were taken to Auckland.