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John Bell family

Arrived: 1833
Country of origin:
Area in New Zealand: Mana Island
Source:Old Whaling days. Friends of Mana Island website.

Details:  Old Whaling days. On the 30th of March 1833, John Bell left Sydney to settle at Mana Island. He brought with him sheep and cattle.  In 1834, a writer to the Sydney Herald reported that 'The anchorage is safe at all times; wood and water are both good and plentiful, and fresh beef, mutton, lamb, and pork, with rabbits, poultry, and vegetables may be procured at Mr. Bell's establishment on reasonable terms.'

Friends of Mana Island website. Mr and Mrs Bell arrived with 9 year old Johnny Knochs, an Australian born of German descent, aboard the whaling barque "Caroline". The Bells were known to be alcoholics and, hoping to dry out and get a new start, shifted from Sydney to manage and develop the farm John had set up two years earlier.
John died and the farm  was purchased by Frederick Patterson of Sydney. Mrs Bell became one of Te Rangihaeata's wives and was taken to live at one of his mainland Pa's. There she was treated as a slave.

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