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Daniel Baker family (Raoul Island)

Daniel & Noa Baker

Country of origin: England
Areas in New Zealand: Hokianga, Samoa, Raoul Island, Mangonui
Source: personal information
Daniel Baker was a freed convict from Australia. After gaining his freedom he came to the Hokianga about 1835. He went on a whaling ship to Samoa, where he met Noa on Tutuila Island (now American Samoa.)
They left Samoa for Raoul Island, Kermadec group, in 1837. They may have been married by a whaling captain. They joined the Reed family there. 4 children were born to them on Raoul Island; Charles, George, Mary, and Sarah. At one point Daniel went to Samoa and brought goats back to the Kermadecs.The island began erupting in 1843, and the Reed family left for New Zealand. In 1845 stronger eruptions occurred, and the Bakers were picked up by an American whaler, the Ganges and brought to the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Their sons Henry and William were born in New Zealand. In 1849 all 6 children were baptized as Anglicans by Rev Puckey from Kaitaia, at Mangonui, where they were then living. He did not marry the parents, which was done if necessary, which tends to show that they had been previously married.
Noa or Noe was the first known Samoan person in new Zealand.