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Anglem family

Arrived: 1835
Country of origin: Ireland
Area in New Zealand: Stewart Island
Source: Whaling in Southern Waters by Frank Tod

Details: Capt William Andrew Anglem deserted his command on the 'Lucy Ann' in 1835. Weller's correspondence mentions later, 'Anglem's woman and two children are gone by the 'Sydney Packet' to the Neck (Stewart Island).
Previous to this Capt Anglem had taken some Maori prisoners on board his boat and sailed to Sydney with them. They were held as hostages to prevent attack on Weller's settlement by Maori from Cloudy Bay.
Mount Anglem at Stewart Island is named after him.

Dau Rena
Son William jnr

Anglem has been spelt; Anglim, Anglin, Augline, Anglin, Auglunn and even Argyle.