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Alexander Chapman

Country of origin: Scotland
Area in New Zealand:  Hokianga Harbour
Source: Paperspast, Pearlspad

Details: Alexander was born 2nd February 1805 at Dunbar, Scotland but grew up in London. He became the superintendent at Horeke, Hokianga and supervised the building of the first large vessel there 'Sir George Murray' 400 tons. He married Matilda Pahihi. Their daughter married George Martin.

(Case of possible fraud brought by Alexander Chapman, Daily Southern Cross 14th June 1867).
Alexander Chapman said : I live at Hokianga. I have been living there since 1828. I left in 1839 and went to England. I returned in 1858 and have been residing at Hokianga ever since then. I am the owner of several allotments of land in Auckland. I had the Crown grants of that land when I came back from England. I gave them to Mr George, solicitor who was then practising in Auckland. I left them with him. I gave him instructions to lease ten allotmants.
Snip. My daughter Mrs Martin is my only daughter. William Wells said Mr Chapman was a carpenter. George Webster said he'd known the plaintiff for over 20 years. Mrs Martin said her father was living at Kohokoho in August 1863.
(Found for the plaintiff).

Alexander died in 1889.