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Tapsell family

Phillip Tapsell aka Homman Falk
Arrived: 1830 (before)
Country of origin: Denmark
Area in New Zealand: Bay of Islands
Source: Paperspast, Manuscript; They came by sea by John O'Connor Ross.  A Trader in Cannibal Land by James Cowan.

Details: Born 1777, Died August 9th 1873. He first came to New Zealand in the 'New Zealander' in 1809 and in the 'Catherine'  1815 times two voyages. Again in the 'Asp' 1823. He seems to have been quite an adventurer and has his story written up in the 'Daily Southern Cross' as a serial starting on the 14th January 1869. His first marriage was to Maria Ringa in 1823 and was performed by Mr Thomas Kendall and was the first recorded in New Zealand. His bride ran off and he returned to England. He next came out on 'The Sisters' 1827. After some years on and off the coast of New Zealand he learned that Maria was dead. Samuel Marsden married him to a young chieftainess.  He settled to trade at Maketu in 1830 and built a store. Then his second wife died. His third wife was Hine-i-turama and he as married to her in Maori fashion.  They later wedded in the Pakeha Church style by Bishop Pompallier who visited in 1841.  In the 40's the Tapsells were living at Whakatane.  In the 1860's war Hine was killed by British soldiers at Orakau Pa.
He had lost everything time and time again but the last time he didn't recover and died penniless relying on his family. When he heard that the Duke of Edinburgh was coming to New Zealand he walked from Whakatane to Maketu, forty miles along the coast at aged 90yrs.

A remarkable man.

Dau Katrina (Mrs Simpkin) married to George.
Son Retreat (Retiereti) sergeant of police and customs officer at Maketu
Son Philip corporal in the Arawa contigent.
Son Jans (Leni) sergeant in the Maori division of the Armed Constabulary.