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John Lawson Waistcoat

Arrived: 1828
Country of origin:

Area in New Zealand:
Source: Paperspast

Details: Wanganui Chronicle, 24 August 1886, Page 2
A very old resident of the colony passed away at Otaki last week in the person of "Old Waistcoat" as he was generally called. The deceased man arrived in a whaler from Halifax so long ago as the year 1828, and had only been once out of the colony during that long period. In his time Waistcoat must have witnessed many stirring scenes, One incident of which he was an eyewitness, which the old man related to our informant was to this effect, “Going off to his ship with the boat's crew on one occasion, a native was taken as a passenger. The temptation to secure the tomahawk belonging to the boat was, however, too much for the native, and seized the coveted weapon, he sprang over board into the sea, upon seeing which, the headman in the boat lifted the harpoon, and drove it right through the misguided savage's body.” Such is the story supplied to us by our informant, to whom it was told by Waistcoat. Of late years Waistcoat had been in receipt of charitable aid from the County, and like many of his class, notwithstanding all his opportunities, he died penniless. Manawatu Herald.
John Martin was living with him in 1883 at Otaki.