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3 Lascars

Arrived: 1813
Country of origin: India
Area in New Zealand: Otago Harbour
Sources: typescript; They Came By Sea; John O'Connell Ross,
book- Behold the Moon;  Peter Entwistle;
book-Between Worlds; Anne Salmond

Details: 6 Lascars (crewmen from India) deserted from the ship Matilda in Otago Harbour in 1813. 3 were killed and eaten by local Maori. 3 survived, and remained in the area. Captain Kelly found one of these 3 at Murdering Beach in 1823. The Matilda had had 16 Lascars in the crew, who had come from a larger group who served in the Campbell Macquarie for Joseph Underwood in 1812.  The Matilda  was later lost in the Marquesas Islands.

One of the Lascars was from Calcutta. He was called 'Te Anu' by the Maori and was tattooed. He was later, in 1844, found living with his adopted kin on Stewart Island.