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Billy Brown's family

Arrived: 1836
Country of Origin: England
Area in New Zealand: East Cape
Source: Poverty Bay and the East Cape, N.I. by J.A. Macky

Details: Billy Brown (Wiremu Paraone), was an eccentric character in Gisborne in the 1860's. He never cut his hair after his wife died despite his family's misgivings. He said he could not think of a better way of showing his respect for his late partner and wanted to be a living monument. He was born in England in 1802 and wrote to the Colonial Secretary of NSW in 1840 that he'd been living in NZ for four years. Kahutia treated him as 'his pakeha' and gave him his niece, Hine Whati-o-te-Rangi. After trading in flax he went whaling but kept a store. This was moved a few times, Ngawai-te-Rua to Tapatahi and Turanganui. After the death of his wife, he set off to visit England and wanted to take his sons but their mother's tribe would not agree, fearing he might not bring them back. He got to Australia but then got homesick and missed his family so he returned.

When his eldest son, Wiremu, married Mereana, there was the largest feast ever seen in Poverty Bay.
His second son Eruera (Edward) became a settler at Makauri.
Paku the third son was slain by Te Kooti's rebels whilst carrying dispatches in 1868.
Daughter Mere Kingi had the distinction of being the only resident of Poverty Bay who lived throughout practically the whole of the continental period (1840 - 1940).
Daughter Kato was mother of Henare Ruru of Te Karaka

No children had been born until 1840.